• Mission
  • Objectives
  • Philosophy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare students for the challenges of life and future academic work by instilling in them:

  • Self-esteem
  • Academic Excellence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Celebration of Cultural Diversity
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility

This is accomplished through an internationally enriched U.S.-style curriculum with high academic standards, an internationally diverse student body, state-of-the-art facilities, and an inquiry-based approach to learning.

Goals and Objectives

To accomplish its Mission and implement its philosophy, the Discovery School is focused on achieving the following goals and objectives:

  • Develop an educational program for grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12 that meets the requirements and standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in the United States and the basic requirements of the Ministry of Education in Honduras
  • Recruit and retain a high quality staff of teachers and administrators to carry out the school’s educational program and philosophy
  • Develop and maintain a school campus and educational materials and resources that are required to support the school’s educational program and philosophy

Address the individual educational needs of Discovery students in order to promote:

  • Love for learning and a desire for self-improvement
  • Understanding and ability to apply basic concepts needed to summarize, examine, and evaluate information, and apply a scientific method to draw conclusions and make decisions
  • Tolerance, respect, and understanding of those with different creeds, ideas, and cultures
  • Social, civic, and cultural consciousness and an understanding of each person’s responsibilities toward society
  • Self-discipline in the use of individual freedom in a democratic society
  • Ability to make rational choices and logical decisions


As follows from its name, Discovery School is built around the concepts that learning is a process of discovery and that teaching and learning are developmental and lifelong passions.

The School believes that the most meaningful education takes place through first-hand experiences based on themes that cut across subject lines that integrate knowledge.

This implies a progressive approach to learning that is distinct from many traditional schools in its focus on exploration and inquiry, open-ended questions, hands-on experiences, simulations, experimentation, active participation, and collaborative student-teacher relationships.

Discovery School chooses to be different and consciously creative and innovative in its curriculum and approach in an effort to make learning fun, exciting, challenging, relevant, and long-lasting.;

This focus on discovery can be seen in the following areas:

  • Student-Centered Learning
  • Development of the whole person
  • Rich Learning Environment
  • Emphasis on Learning Skills
  • Development of Emotional Intelligence
  • Experience Beyond the Campus
  • Dynamic, enthusiastic teachers
  • Nurturing social dynamics
  • Supportive Community
  • International and Cultural Diversity

Board of Directors

  • TBAN. Adam-GlynnVenezuela
  • TBAE. TurnerUSA
  • TBAM, Vallecillo
  • TBAA. Palma
  • TBAC. MuellerCanada
  • TBAJ. Alvarez
  • TBAC. Villarreal
  • U.S. Ambassador’s RepresentativeC. Choi
  • Head of SchoolDr. John J. Ketterer (non-voting)USA
  • Nursery
  • Pre-Kindergarten "A"
  • Pre-Kindergarten "B"
  • Kindergarten
  • Grade 1
  • Ms. Vivian
  • Ms. Ma. Fernanda
  • Ms. Janine
  • Ms. Colette
  • Ms. Valencia
  • Art (Nursery-Kindergarten)
  • Motricity
  • Music
  • Spanish (Kindergarten and Grade 1)
  • French
  • Ms. Vivian
  • Ms. Andrea
  • Ms. Pamela
  • Ms. Carol
  • Ms. Tiphany
  • Grade 2A
  • Grade 3A
  • Grade 3B
  • Grade 4A
  • Grade 5A
  • Grade 5B
  • Ms. Elena
  • Mr. Andrew
  • Ms. Dariela
  • Ms. Karen
  • Ms. Lihn
  • Ms. Amy
  • ESL / SSL
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish (Grade 2-4)
  • Spanish (Grade 5)
  • Spanish Social Studies
  • Ms. Pia
  • Ms. Pamela
  • Ms. Carol
  • Ms. Marisela
  • Ms. Norma
  • Ms. Nuvia
  • Language Arts
  • Math / Science
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Visual Arts
  • Ms. Ortega
  • Mr. Martinez
  • Ms. Ochoa
  • Ms. Hausch
  • Ms. Reichman
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish
  • Spanish Social Studies
  • Ms. Lopez
  • Ms. Villeda
  • Ms. Agurcia
  • Mr. Andino
  • Math / Chemistry
  • Language Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Science
  • Secondary Art
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish
  • Spanish Social Studies
  • World History
  • Ms. Lardizabal
  • Dr. Ketterer
  • Ms. Shelton
  • Ms. Villeda
  • Mr. Martinez
  • Ms. Agurcia
  • Ms. Reichman
  • Ms. Shelton
  • Ms. Avilez
  • Mr. Andino
  • Ms. Hausch
  • Head of School
  • Early Childhood Coordinator
  • Elementary Asst. Principal
  • Secondary Asst. Principal
  • Counselor
  • Librarian
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Finance Assistant
  • Finance Assistant
  • Finance Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Receptionist
  • Technology Coordinator
  • Technology Integration Coordinator
  • Dr. Ketterer
  • Ms. Sierra
  • Ms. Banegas
  • Ms. Palacios
  • Ms. Zambrana
  • Mr. Echeverria
  • Ms. Matute
  • Ms. Varela
  • Ms. Moncada
  • Mr. Ochoa
  • Ms. Chavez
  • Ms.
  • Mr. Morga
  • Ms. Aborisade

Employment Opportunities
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Click Here To see the available positions


Discovery School was opened in 1994 by a small group of parents and teachers who believed, among other things, that teaching is an act of love; that its purposes are to develop literate and personally concerned citizens who are able to think and act rationally and who see learning as a life-long pursuit; that the most meaningful education takes place through first-hand experiences based on themes that cut across subject lines and integrate knowledge; that it is necessary to assist children in developing the skills of reasoning, empathizing, valuing and the creative resolution of conflict; that it should encourage curiosity, open-mindedness, persistence, respect for the opinions of others and cooperation; that it should develop in children the ability to think abstractly, critically, and creatively; that it should provide for individual growth by presenting a wide range of learning activities and challenging experiences based on an intimate knowledge of the children’s abilities, interests and needs and that through the use of inquiry, discovery, open-ended questions and experiments, both content and process should be taught.

The school, housed in a large, private residence, had six classrooms, a library, two kitchens, an audio-visual room, an office, and two outdoor areas used for recess, performances, and physical education. The P.E. program also made use of a local swimming pool and a local park. The classrooms were multi-graded. The enrollment in each class was limited to fifteen students to insure the actualization of the school’s philosophy.

Friday afternoon creativity time (F.A.C.T. clubs) was initially developed in order that the founding teachers might have an opportunity to meet and plan together and so that the special talents of the parent body as well as local area talent might be experienced by the students. Classes ended at one o’clock and the students went to the club that they had chosen.

Each year an area of study was selected by the staff for school-wide implementation. Since it was presented in the spring, it focused on Earth Day and environmental issues. For example, one year the teachers chose the coral reef. Each class studied the formation of a reef and the life that abounds in such an area. As a culminating event, the entire school, including parents, spent a weekend on Roatan, one of the Bay Islands located off the coast of Honduras. The children had an opportunity to snorkel and scuba dive on the reef, visit an area museum and watch the resident dolphins, and then take part in experiments, fish identification, and a group clean-up of the area.

The original student body consisted of approximately 40 students. Today, we have grown into a full Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 educational institution that has maintained its earliest roots as it has grown and developed, and today we have 230 students and over 30 full-time teachers. The Elementary School has existed since 1994, and the Middle School and High School have existed since the year 2000. Our current facilities were purpose-built in 2006 and can accommodate up to 350 students. One of the defining characteristics of our school is the small class sizes. Our classes are limited to 15 students, although in some cases exceptions are made to admit siblings to the school.


The Discovery Elementary Choir was created in the year 2005 as an extracurricular activity, under the direction of Ms. Pamela. Two years later in 2007, the Choir was expanded to include Secondary students, with the assistance of Ms. Norma.

The Choir has participated in annual Choral Festivals organized in Honduras since 2007, winning repeated first place awards and perfect scores. In June of 2011, the children had the valuable opportunity to professionally record their first CD, which includes Honduran music as well as music from other countries.

In June of 2012, the Choir participated at the Golden Gate Youth and Children Choral Festival in San Francisco, California, where they won the BRONZE PRIZE in the Folkloric and Historic category. This competition is held every 3 years with choral institutions from all over the world. Discovery choir was the FIRST HONDURAN CHOIR and the only Latin-American choir performing in the 2012 Festival event.

Based on the success of the San Francisco competition, the Discovery Choir was invited to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City as part of the Distinguished Concert Singers International. This is a choir of distinction on the Distinguished Concert International New York (DCINY) Concert Series. This event is a World Premiere of “Choral Music for Treble Voices” under the baton of Dr. Christian Grases, a famous Latin American composer and Choir Director.

These multicultural exchanges and opportunities for making friends with young people around the world reflect the Discovery School’s philosophy of promoting excellence, developing the whole child, providing experiences beyond the campus, and nurturing social dynamics. We believe that these unique experiences affect the lives of our students forever in positive and dynamic ways.


As noted in the Student/Parent Handbook, Discovery School seeks to have an active and viable Discovery Parent-Teacher Organization (DPTO). It is a goal of the DPTO officers to work closely with Discovery School. The DPTO provides avtivities that promote and develop our sense of community, money-raising projects to buy resources for the school, and staff appreciation.

The DPTO activities are scheduled throughout the school year. Your support and involvement are encouraged and welcomed, whether it is attendance at a DPTO meeting or assisting in special projects. Area administrators will represent the school at the meetings.

The DPTO Board is elected in the spring of each year, near the close of the school. The DPTO officers are decided and reported to the school community in the fall of each year.

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