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Discovery School

Contact Information

  • Zona El Molinón,
    Anillo Periférico,
    Salida a Valle de Angeles,
    Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • Phone: (504)2221-7790

  • Fax: (504)2221-7791
    Cel: (504)9950-6916


Contact Form

What is your admission process?

If we arrive in Tegucigalpa after the school year starts, will you still accept my child?

What makes Discovery School unique from other schools?

What are the class sizes at Discovery?

What if my child is not fluent in English or Spanish languages?

What is your approach to bullying at Discovery?

How do you handle discipline issues?

What qualifications do your teachers have?

What curriculum do you follow?

What literacy program do you follow in the Early Childhood Program?

What is the Elementary School policy on homework?

How strong is your secondary academic program?

What is Inquiry-Based / Hands-on / Discovery Learning?

What special classes do you offer?

What type of standardized testing or external validation does the school offer to measure students' progress throughout the year?

What are the expectations for parental involvement?

What means of communication does Discovery use to keep parents informed?

What diplomas are offered at Discovery School?

What do you offer in the way of after-school activities and sports?

What is the make-up of your governing body?