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  • Discovery School Home of the Wolves

    Discovery learning using the Scientific Method in Science -- the units are designed for students to discover scientific principles and content through experimentation, observation and accurate documentation

  • Discovery School Home of the Wolves

    Literature-based approach to reading through the use of award-winning novels for children (e.g. Newberry, Caldecott, classics, etc.) incorporating independent and guided reading, and Literature Circles. Reading is supplemented with informational texts.

  • Discovery School Home of the Wolves

    Hands-on approach in Math -- use of manipulatives, projects and meaningful learning experiences in which skills and content are shown to be transferrable to real-life settings

  • Discovery School Home of the Wolves

    Aspects of Emotional Intelligence, Respect and Tolerance are taught and promoted to create positive, emotionally safe classroom environments and meaningful interpersonal relationships.

  • Discovery School Home of the Wolves

    We provide students with a comprehensive education, which includes classes with specialist teachers to develop knowledge and skills in Music, Physical Education, Library, Art, Computers, Spanish and Spanish Social Studies.


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“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The best things about Discovery School are that friends help you when you don’t understand a problem, and that the teachers let us work on projects and help us with homework." ~Noel M.

"What I love the most about teaching at Discovery is our challenging curriculum and openness to innovative ideas. It makes teaching exciting everyday and motivates me to learn along with my students." ~Ms. Diane

"The best thing about Discovery School is that everybody is free to be him or herself." ~Kamila C.

"Discovery School is a supportive community where students from different backgrounds can develop their full potential with the most qualified Honduran and international teachers." ~Ms. Karen

"My favorite part about Discovery School is the friendships we have with our classmates. I love how the teachers teach you English. They make difficult words be easy." ~Maria L.


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